Hi! My name is Jowee Toroy and I’m a 20-something self-proclaimed travel junkie, currently based in Metro Manila. I love getting lost in nature, visiting different cities, climbing summits, extreme adventures, art and photography.

I’m a city girl whose heart feels freest amongst mountains and seas, but balances this spirit with a stubborn ambition driving myself towards meaningful pursuits – not just fun, but also independence and personal growth.


Back when I was a kid, my mom used to bring me to different towns and cities, and eventually out of the country. She’s my first travel partner. She introduced me to travel, and showed me the excitement and beauty of seeing new places. I would thank her up to this day for always supporting my decisions when it comes to traveling. It’s really cute when she randomly sends interesting travel articles and photos that she’d find online. Big thanks to my Momma, for introducing me to travel — and for letting me see the world!

Four years ago, I left home alone and moved to Metro Manila for college. The newness was awesome. I enjoyed every bit of it. But after awhile, the excitement wore off. I started to feel lonely and mostly, homesick. I kept on reminding myself that I’m a full-grown adult — and adults shouldn’t cry like a baby if they miss home or get sad because their friends were having fun even though they’re not around. It was tough. Really tough. But you know what I’ve found to be the best way to overcome my homesickness? Traveling. Challenging myself. Getting out of my own little world. That’s when I started to explore new places EVERY WEEKEND. Given the fact that I was still in college during those times — how did I do that? Time management, maybe? Balancing everything in school on weekdays and going out of town on weekends. I also made sure to save enough from my allowance, so that I’ll be able to spoil myself on Saturdays and Sundays. It worked well for me and I got addicted to it. I have visited different cities, met new people, climbed mountains, chased waterfalls, and tasted food from different towns. I went out of my comfort zone and took risks —  and I guess these are some of the things that I would always thank myself for, for the rest of my life.

Another reason probably would be my love for photography. It was also because of photography that I discovered my passion for traveling. There came a point that my only reason for visiting a place, was to take photos. I believe that pictures are the best form of keeping memories and I would always want to see the world through my camera lenses. So, these two (travel and photography) led me to meet my other half, Ashley, while sharing the same passion. When we started dating, we made it our goal to travel, shoot and experience life (eventually all over the world) together.

And lastly, my thirst for traveling just won’t stop — it’s the time of my life where I want to be somewhere I’ve never been and I want to see parts of the world that I haven’t seen yet. I want myself to be molded, shaped and transformed by a place that isn’t my home. I want to discover who I can become when everyone and everything I’ve known isn’t right beside me.

The travelwithjowee.com is my personal travel blog. Here, I share my adventures along with travel tips, guides, inspiration and photo tips from the places I visit. My main vision is to share my passion for traveling and to inspire others to go out and explore.

I’ve been wanting to do this ever since my love for traveling started, but I just couldn’t find the right time to do it. And as what I’ve promised myself, that right after I graduate from college, I will start my own blog. A promise is a promise! I wouldn’t have pushed through with this without the encouragement of my family and friends, so I owe it all to them.

Follow me as I share my travel experiences and life stories!

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